NatCat passionately provides humane education on cats and other animals throughout our communities year-round to ensure their welfare. Through literature and public instruction, we spread the messages of spaying and neutering, stopping animal cruelty and humanely treating all animals.

Spaying and Neutering

NatCat publicly addresses the ever-present problem of overpopulation in an effort to reduce it. In each program they conduct and in their everyday lives, our staff and volunteers strongly encourage owners to spay or neuter their pets while explaining the benefits of spaying or neutering a cat.

Watch a fun but serious music video on spaying and neutering, by the Alliance for Humane Action.

Low- and No-Cost Spay and Neuter Resources

San Diego
Animal Welfare: (619) 702-4400
Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP): (619) 525-3047
Feral Cat Coalition (feral and stray cats only): (619) 758-9194

Orange County
The Amanda Foundation: (310) 278-2935


ASPCA database of low-cost spay/neuter programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Education

NatCat regularly appears before adult groups, nursing homes and retirement homes with our cats to bring some joy and comfort. Numerous studies have shown that pet companionship offers therapy and reduces depression, stress and loneliness. In turn, our cats enjoy individual attention and plenty of TLC.

Our staff and volunteers also appear before primary school classes to teach children how to interact with animals. Specifically, NatCat shows them how to gently handle and responsibly feed cats and kittens.

NatCat offers these flyers on cat protection and welfare:
Download this file (Disaster_Flyer_07.pdf)Disaster Tips for Cats[In case of disaster, how prepared are you to care for your cat? Learn the emergency supplies to keep on hand.]481 Kb
Download this file (SDFB_Flyer_03.pdf)Guide to Economical, Yet Responsible Cat Care[Learn tips you can apply to keep your cat during these tough economic times.]795 Kb