C. Richard Calore, NatCat shelter founder

A History of Animal Services

The National Cat Protection Society (NatCat) was founded in 1968 through the singular efforts of career humane officer Mr. C. Richard Calore. While serving in World War IIfrom deep in a French foxhole during the dead cold of winter, a courageous cat showed up to keep him warm. Inspired by this kitty to establish an animal protection and services organization upon his return, he formed NatCat as a safe haven for cats and kittens as well as a vehicle for enforcing animal protection and humane treatment.

Animal Protection of Today

Today, we continue to shelter cats and kittens in Newport Beach and Spring Valley while offering information and assistance to cat defenders and caretakers throughout the country. Led by Mr. Calore's widow, V.P. Gerri Calore, and President Denise Johnston, the cat-loving staff members and volunteers of NatCat take pride in their organization's history and look forward to many years to come.