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Annual $10

Charitable Contributions That Last for a Lifetime

As a non-profit animal charity, NatCat depends entirely on the loyal support of our members and friends to exist. Animal lovers from near and far enable us to tirelessly fulfill our mission through charitable contributions—memberships and donations through wills, endowments and other gifts. Because of their generosity, we are able to continually provide our felines with food, shelter and medical care while they await adoption.

Thanks to our these charitable contributions, we're celebrating our 46th anniversary this year! Make sure to mark your calendars for our annual Open House and Fundraisers—on May 4th in Newport Beach and June 1st in Spring Valley!

To become a member of NatCat, please contact us by calling, emailing or using this form:


Memberships at Work

Beyond supporting NatCat and quality cat care, your donations have helped us with major efforts like upgrading our Spring Valley shelter for our adoptable adult cats. They now live in permanent buildings on the north and west sides of the shelter, which feature enclosed patios that extend access to the outdoors.

cat shelter donations

Krull's Place

To the north of the shelter, Krull's Place connects to the main office.donations to pet shelter

helping cat shelter

Gino's Den

To the west of the shelter, Gino's Den connects to the adjacent space, which was also refurbished with patching, new paint and new lighting.helping animal shelter