Both of our cat shelters offer lifetime care for cats at least 6 years old in our environmentally enriched cat Retirement Homes, for a one-time fee. For your cat to be eligible for the program, you must provide:

  1. Proof your cat has been spayed or neutered
  2. A full blood panel (CBC) performed on your cat by a veterinarian
  3. Proof your cat has received the FVRCP (distemper) vaccination within the last year
  4. A blood test showing your cat is negative for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)
  5. No signs of illness

Additionally, your cat must show he or she can be safely held and not show any signs of illness.

If your cat meets these requirements, please call the Newport Beach or Spring Valley shelter for more information.

All of our retirement cats receive high-quality food, special dental and medical care, and individual attention regularly, ensuring their golden years are some of their best years. We even maintain a fully equipped clinic on-site.

For more information regarding cat retirement, please call a shelter and ask to speak with our Retirement Coordinator.

Environmental Enrichment

Our Retirement Homes are environmentally enriched to promote activity and relaxation for the health and wellness of our retirement cats.

cat retirement

NatCat Paradise, Spring Valley

Our Spring Valley cat Retirement Home features a wall-to-wall, overhead walkway, a "lifeguard tower," a large "island," a "volcano with lava" hosting pressure-controlled heating pads, ramps, scrNatCat retirementatching posts, and the "Retirement Bay boat dock" anchoring "love boats" holding litterboxes.


retirement catsNatCat Newport Pier, Newport Beach

Our Newport Beach Retirement Home has a "replica" of the Newport Pier with a floor-to-ceiling scratching post, cat-sized steps for pier access, and a "lifeguard tower"cat retirement overlooking colorful "waves" made from corrugated aluminum.